The Mauerpark

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well I cried ’cause you cried
over your old man
I didn’t know him
oh but I know you
and the sky turns new colors
on oderbergerstrasse
the wind from the mauer park
brushed on our bare arms

you’re not over it, I know you’re not
and your eyes can not settle they shift and they shadow
you won the game and lost the war
and it’s a bloody battle inside of your head and
berlin will unravel your mind from the gravel
let’s just talk a while

well the night was so young
you went to your hotel
and wasted hours
on your reflection

and your heart of gold is blistering
man oh man oh who do you love
you lay your head butt sleep wont come
and you’re looking so good but you’re hurting so bad
and you’re gazing at the water tower
and it’s quiet it’s quiet you can’t stand the quiet
but his old old world still turns around
and it’s no body’s business you’re breaking you’re breaking
you walk and you walk till your heals are just aching
it’s the only way



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July 10th, 2012 at 2:19 am

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