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outside the window
life is a bustle
look at the magpie
she builds a good home
she finds the good twigs

she doesn’t worry
why do I worry
she doesn’t need love
she knows devotion
and I know the notion

blaze down hills
with eyes tightly closed
no faster can you go
Look up at the uneven sky
it’s closer than you know

outside the window
sun sending sharp beams
she combs the court yard
she doesn’t need me
oh but I need her

early in the morning
I hear her flutter
so my eyes flutter
just so I see her
just so I know she’s there

look down at the
cobblestone parade
but she is still the giver
all of the tears
and all of the rain
end up in the same river



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July 10th, 2012 at 2:18 am

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